Tariq Oliver is a contemporary artist embarking to bring innovation to the ever-changing industry. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and having lived in London, UK, and Madrid, Spain, his inspiration is derived from the harsh realities of the world faced throughout his lifetime. He utilizes acrylic paints, oil pastels, charcoal, color pencil and oil pigment stick to craft his paintings.

His approach to his work is from a distinctly contemporary perspective that encapsulates the ongoing accumulation of trauma we endure. With a critical eye, he challenges our complacency with the cruelty of our world. Translating his own experiences into twisted visions of the everyday, he brings intangible emotions into a physical form that resonates with viewers. The work incorporates a multitude of sentiments simultaneously, representing the intense range of feelings we withstand when presented with trauma, loss, and suffering. Nonetheless, a beauty radiates through, the precious memories that instigated these torments become small treasures we clasp onto.